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Supreme Court Decision Frees Pittsburgh Man Who Grew Up in Prison

  By Kristin Hoffman, Staff Writer In United States v. Miller, a divided Supreme Court struck down mandatory life sentences without parole for juveniles.[1] The ruling said that these mandatory sentences violate the constitutional amendment prohibiting cruel and unusual punishment because children lack maturity, have an underdeveloped sense of responsibility, […]

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SCOTUS Granted Cert on Transgender Bathroom Issue

  By Amy Kerlin, Staff Writer[1] Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972[2] is most commonly known as the regulation that requires schools and universities to provide equal athletic opportunities for females in order to receive funds from the federal government. Not commonly known, however, is that Title IX […]

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SCOTUS to Rebuke Fifth Circuit for Facilitating Racial Bias in Criminal Justice System

  By Kaitlyn Burns, Staff Writer “It’s a sad commentary that minorities, Hispanics and black people, are over represented in the [c]riminal [j]ustice system.”[1] In a country now steeped in controversy over the systemic violence and discriminatory practices against racial minorities,[2] uttering this statement in open court would normally be […]

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