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The Enforceability of Pre-Dispute Jury Waiver Agreements in Employment Discrimination Cases

BY ROBERT FRANKHOUSER Employers are always attempting to find new ways to limit their exposure to employment discrimination claims. Many employers have implemented multi-level alternative dispute resolution procedures which attempt to prevent claims of discrimination from occurring, settle the dispute before it reaches the appropriate judicial system and/or avoid the […]

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Cultural Due Diligence: The Lost Diligence That Must be Found by U.S. Corporations Conducting M&A Deals in China to Prevent Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Violations

BY NICOLE Y. HINES In April 2004, Lucent Technologies fired four top executives in its Chinese subsidiary. In February 2005, InVision Technologies (now GE InVision) paid $1.1 million in penalties consisting of a $500,000 civil penalty, disgorged profits totaling $589,000, and approximately $28,700 of prejudgment interest.3 In May 2005, Diagnostic […]

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