Monopolistic Sleeper: How the Video Gaming Industry Awoke to Realize that Electronic Arts was Already in Charge


Some industries are more attractive than others, they produce healthier numbers, higher profit margins, and even have there own fan base following. One industry in particular boasted an astonishing $7.3 billion dollars in sales last year alone, and is stated to have sold 248 million units. This particular industry has shown growth in the last nine years that has doubled overall industry sales and almost tripled the total units sold.3 This astonishing industry is none other than computer and video gaming. There is one computer and video gaming company, though, that is as lucrative and attractive as the entire collective industry. Headquartered in Redwood City California, Electronic Arts (EA) claims to be the world’s leading independent developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software for personal computers and advanced entertainment systems. Since its inception, EA has garnered more than 700 awards for outstanding software in the United States and Europe. EA markets its products world- wide under four brand logos, and has over 33 product franchises that have reached more than a million unit sales worldwide. In recent years, Electronic Arts has obtained numerous exclusive licensing and partnership agreements. By establishing these business agreements, Electronic Arts has worked its way to the top of the video and gaming industry.
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