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No Torts for TSOs: Third Circuit Limits Tortious Liability of TSA Agents

By David Zvirman, Staff Writer Everyone who has flown on a plane in the U.S. in the last decade has experienced an administrative search by a Transportation Security Officer (“TSO”) of the Transportation Security Administration (“TSA”).[1] In 2017 alone, the TSA screened 771.5 million travelers in 440 federalized airports, which […]

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Fracking Trespassers: PA Court Rules Hydraulic Frackers No Longer Shielded by Rule of Capture

By Kurt Valentine, Web Editor On August 27, 1859, the first commercial oil well in the United States, drilled by Edwin Drake, struck oil along the banks of Oil Creek near Titusville, Pennsylvania.[1]  Drake’s well “forever changed America’s economy, standard of living, and culture.”[2]  The gas and oil industry is […]

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