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Fracking Trespassers: PA Court Rules Hydraulic Frackers No Longer Shielded by Rule of Capture

By Kurt Valentine, Web Editor On August 27, 1859, the first commercial oil well in the United States, drilled by Edwin Drake, struck oil along the banks of Oil Creek near Titusville, Pennsylvania.[1]  Drake’s well “forever changed America’s economy, standard of living, and culture.”[2]  The gas and oil industry is […]

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Snitches Get Riches: The SEC Whistleblower Program

By Kurt Valentine, Staff Writer In 2002, Congress enacted the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) “[t]o safeguard investors in public companies and restore trust in the financial markets following the collapse of Enron Corporation.”[1]  SOX included “the first federal enactment providing whistleblower protection for insiders with knowledge of financial fraud.”[2] In 2010, […]

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Tattoos are for Life + 70 Years: Copyright Protection for Tattoos

  By Kurt Valentine, Staff Writer Throughout the 1800s, Americans attended traveling circuses that “showcas[ed] stunning tattooed [women] to amazed audiences”.[1]  Tattooed people were viewed as entertainment; they were human oddities.[2]  Perceptions changed, tattoos have moved into the mainstream.  In 2015, a Harris Poll asked Americans if they would be […]

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