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A Neurosurgeon, a Cruise Liner, and a Stolen Port: The Helms-Burton Act Offers Redemption While Raising Questions of Extraterritoriality

By Samantha Cook, Editor-in-Chief Javier Garcia-Bengochea is a Cuban-American neurosurgeon who was 15 months old when his family fled Cuba.[1] He claims his family was an owner of a valuable piece of property confiscated by Castro’s regime.[2] Garcia-Bengochea, like many other certified claimants, considers himself and his family to have […]

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Trump’s Wall: Is it Necessary?

  By Keanna Seabrooks, Staff Writer Within the first two weeks of his new role in the presidency, President Donald Trump ordered the immediate construction of a U.S.-Mexican border wall.[1] According to the president, the wall’s purpose is to combat illegal immigration and it will save millions of lives, millions […]

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Photo Courtesy of New England Brewing Co.

International Bitterness Units

International Bitterness Units By Corey Zutz, Staff Writer Beer is good. Offending people is not good. Getting sued is bad. Getting sued for offending people with beer is very bad, as a Connecticut brewery discovered earlier this year. I took note of this situation when it first hit the news […]

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