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Civil Lawsuits Pile Up Following Operation Varsity Blues

  By: Giulia Schaub, Staff Writer   A group of students and parents filed a lawsuit against the University of Southern California, Yale University, and other colleges involved in the massive college admissions scandal, now called “Operation Varsity Blues.”[1] In addition to the colleges, the lawsuit names the mastermind behind […]

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NCAA Amateurism Rules Promote Integrity at a Price

  By Katherine Mannion, Staff Writer A cornerstone of NCAA athletics has been the staunch enforcement of the amateurism of its athletes. The NCAA’s Division I handbook dedicates almost 30 pages to the concept, defining the ins and outs of where athletes can and cannot be paid before and during […]

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Pay to Play Scandal a Foul on College Sports World

  By Joe Baublitz, Staff Writer A dark day in college sports, September 26th saw the FBI charge college coaches and Adidas shoe executives with corruption for bribing coaches and high school athletes. This “pay to play” scandal has fans facing a harsh reality that college sports may not be […]

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