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Lake Erie Can Now Sue People

By: Andrew Beluk, Staff Writer   Human beings have been suing other human beings since the dawn of litigation. But now, a body of water can sue human beings too. On February 26, 2019, citizens of Toledo, Ohio voted to give Lake Erie legal standing to sue polluters in court.[1] […]

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Scotland Considers Exiting from Brexit

By: Andrew Beluk, Staff Writer   Since June 2016, Americans received an incredible amount of news coverage concerning Brexit, the infamous and controversial plan for Great Britain to leave the European Union (“EU”). While it is understandable that the news focused on England, it made it easy to forget that […]

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Pennsylvania Sets Its Gaze to Phase out Hazing

  By Andrew Beluk, Staff Writer   In many movies about college, there is a common step between rushing a fraternity or sorority and becoming an official member; hazing. The pledges in these films are generally required to drink a dangerous amount of alcohol or participate in some cult-like ‘ritual’, […]

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