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Trump’s Proposal to End Birthright Citizenship: Conflicts with the 14th Amendment

By: Elizabeth Fitch, Staff Writer   President Trump has claimed that he is planning an executive order that would ultimately invalidate the safeguarded constitutional promise of birthright citizenship in the United States. This order would understandably create major competing concerns with the Constitution. The words of the 14thAmendment are rarely […]

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Illegal Immigration and the Right to Due Process

By Emma Hurst, Staff Writer   There are 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States.[1]Eleven million undocumented immigrants make up only 3% of the nation’s population, yet they are often the focal point of politics and legal debate. President Trump’s administration has made it a priority to enforce […]

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Due Process in the #MeToo Era

  By: Margaret Potter, Staff Writer   With each news cycle, there are new reports of sexual harassment or assault allegations in spheres spanning from the entertainment world, to politics, to our local communities, academic institutions, and churches.  When the public learns of these allegations through news sources and social […]

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