Billion Dollar Baby

By Regan Jarvis, Features Editor

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In one corner of the ring stands notorious conspiracy theorist and radio show host, Alex Jones. His opponents? The bereaved families of the victims of a tragic mass murder. After filing three separate defamation lawsuits and enduring four years of litigation, the families have secured over one billion dollars in judgments against Jones.[1] However, several bankruptcies of shell corporations owned by Jones,[2] as well as an appeal of the damages leave the grieving families wondering how long they will have to wait for justice.[3]

Only days before Christmas of 2012, 20-year-old Adam Lanza entered a Newtown, Connecticut elementary school and shot and killed 20 children and six adults before committing suicide.[4] As the story of the horror at Sandy Hook Elementary School unfolded in the news, it was not long before it was picked up by Infowars, a conspiracy theory website owned by Jones.[5] Infowars and Jones have been heavily criticized for perpetuating dangerous conspiracies, including claims that certain mass shootings were “staged false flag operations,”[6] as well as QAnon conspiracies such as “Pizzagate.”[7]  In fact, Jones’s rhetoric is believed to have partially fueled the January 6, 2021 attack on the United States Capitol, as he broadcast a video that morning claiming that the insurrection was “the most important call to action on domestic soil since Paul Revere and his ride in 1776.”[8]

In April 2013, four months after the Sandy Hook shooting, Jones claimed that the elementary school massacre was a “government operation” with “inside job written all over it,” on an Infowars’ broadcast.[9] This statement was one of at least a dozen in which Jones and other Infowars contributors made false allegations about incidents surrounding the shooting.[10] For example, in July 2015, Infowars published an article titled, “MEGA MASSIVE COVER UP: RETIRED FBI AGENT INVESTIGATES SANDY HOOK.”[11] Additionally, on April 22, 2017, Jones broadcast a video titled “Sandy Hook Vampires Exposed” in which he claimed the parents of Sandy Hook victims were paid actors and accused them of fraud.[12]

As a result of the misinformation spread by Jones and Infowars, family members of the victims began receiving death threats from angry fans of Infowars.[13] In 2017, 57-year-old Lucy Richards, an Infowars listener, was sentenced to five months in prison after sending threatening messages to Lenny Pozner, the father of a six-year-old Sandy Hook victim.[14] Other victims’ family members endured years of threats and harassment because of the defamatory content broadcasted on Infowars as well.[15]

On April 16, 2018, three parents of Sandy Hook victims filed suit against Defendants Jones, Infowars, and Free Speech Systems, LLC, in Travis County, Texas claiming defamation per se and conspiracy.[16] Free Speech Systems, LLC is the parent company of Infowars.[17] Subsequently, another 13 family members of Sandy Hook victims, in addition to an FBI agent, filed a second lawsuit against Jones in Connecticut on May 23, 2018.[18] Finally, another Sandy Hook parent filed a third lawsuit against Jones in Texas state court.[19]

Amid the storm of lawsuits, Jones continuously failed to comply with court orders, resulting in two separate default judgments, one in Connecticut and one in Texas.[20] In response to the findings of liability, five of Jones’s shell corporations filed for bankruptcy in Texas and one other entity filed for bankruptcy in Connecticut.[21] Jones’s Texas bankruptcy case was dismissed in April 2022, after Sandy Hook parents intervened with claims that the bankruptcies were a stalling tactic.[22] After the dismissal of Jones’s Texas bankruptcy case, he faced a two-week trial to determine damages ending in a $49.3 million jury award.[23]

Jones eventually agreed to stand trial in Connecticut as well, despite the second outstanding bankruptcy case.[24] In October 2022, a jury awarded Sandy Hook families a shocking $965 million award.[25] Although Jones’s various business ventures were raking in over $50 million per year,[26] few believe that he has assets to satisfy the defamation judgments.[27] However, he has yet to file for individual bankruptcy.[28]

Even more recently, on November 10, 2022, Jones was ordered to pay another $473 million, bringing the grand total to $1.44 billion in compensatory and punitive damages.[29] As the 10th anniversary approaches, the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School remains one of the deadliest school shootings in United States history.[30] However, with predictions of appeals by Jones, it seems that the victims’ families are still far from peace. 










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