Juris Magazine Winter 2019

This winter, Juris Feature Writers brought a diverse batch of fascinating articles discussing fracking and trespass, contentious international affairs, fashion law’s new defense mechanism, and hyper-politicized social behavior. We took to the skies exploring whether the provision allowing private suit under the Federal Tort Claims Act applies to airport Transportation Security Officers; we considered the myriad pros and cons of consolidating police departments across our highly fragmented Commonwealth; we examined a new FCC rule that places the US in the running against China in the race to 5G. As always, Juris aims to bring you an objective view of the legal world around us, and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy writing it.

Read the excellent work of a thoughtful group of writers by clicking on the links below!


American in the Grip of Groupthink

By Natalia Holliday, Editor-in-Chief



Palestine Bring Complaint Against US in the International Court of Justice over Embassy Move

By Samantha Cook, Feature Editor


Intellectual Property Law: the Modern Fortress Against Fashion Design Infringement

By Jennifer Carter, Web Editor


No Torts for TSOs: Third Circuit Limits Tortious Liability of TSA Agents

By David Zvirman, Staff Writer


Fracking Trespassers: PA Court Rules Hydraulic Frackers No Longer Shielded by Rule of Capture

By Kurt Valentine, Web Editor


FCC Rules Gives US a Fighting Chance on 5G

By Brandon Schall, Staff Writer


Police Fragmentation: A Discussion on Consolidation

By Kyle Steenland, Feature Editor

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