Juris Magazine Winter 2015

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief, Matthew Andersen:

Before attending law school, I was naïve as to the profound impact that our nation’s laws and legal system have on our daily lives. This should not come as a surprise, unless you are an avid reader of legal journalism, because it is easy to take advantage of the benefits, not realize the disadvantages, and not notice the simple and many nuances employed by the United States legal system.

The keystone of journalism is to share a message with the masses, and, if possible, simplify it to the point of full comprehension. Here at Juris, we fully embrace this notion.

This semester, the many writers who contribute to the Juris Blog have covered numerous legal issues that have garnered local and national attention. Through the Juris Blog, which receives thousands of views per month, Juris has been able to fully explain, critique and analyze these issues. The writers have covered such things as the legality of Ebola quarantines, whether a person has the right to die after the emotional story of Brittany Maynard gained national attention and the inequality female athletes face when competing in the Olympics. All of these articles, and many more, can be found on the Juris Blog at www.sites.law.duq.edu/juris.

The winter issue of Juris continues with the same mission. It starts off with an article covering the many problems surrounding the NFL’s punishment of players charged with domestic violence. Other legal issues covered include the need for a federal data breach notification law, the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana in Pennsylvania and across the United States, and the ongoing battle between the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft.

We start off this issue by honoring the Duquesne Law Class of 2014, which had a remarkable performance on the July 2014 administration of the Pennsylvania bar exam (the Class of 2015 thanks you for the boost of confidence). This issue goes on to cover the many events that the Law School was blessed to host this semester; from a special session of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to an event honoring an esteemed alumnus, Senator Jay Costa, Jr., for being inducted into the Duquesne Century Club.

Without further ado, I welcome you to enjoy the wonderful work that was put into the creation of this issue. In doing so, I want to express gratitude to the dedicated writers, editors, and the many faculty who make this publication and the Juris Blog possible.

Matthew Andersen, 3D, is the Editor-in-Chief of Juris. He is also the Executive Editor of the Duquesne Business Law Journal and a Competition Director for the Appellate Moot Court Board. Upon graduation and passing the bar, Matthew has accepted a law clerk position with President Judge Stephen G. Baratta of the Northampton County Court of Common Pleas. He can be reached at matt.b.andersen@gmail.com.


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