Juris Magazine – Winter/Spring 2014

Juris Magazine readers rejoice! The print edition is finally out.  Please read our Editor-in-Chief Matthew Beddingfield’s “Letter from the Editor,” and continue onto the magazine to enjoy all of the quality content:


As the world of news pushes further and further into the digital realm, so follows Juris. In this day and age, it has become vital for the media to be as close to immediate as possible when covering their readership’s topics of interest. As such, we have made a point to provide more digital content to our viewers by increasing our presence in social media via Twitter and Facebook, as well as revamping our news site with the new sites.law.duq.edu/juris.

Readers are now able to view archived issues of Juris online using our new e-reader application, and also can tune in to several recorded interviews provided by Juris’ recently added multimedia team. Current Duquesne Law faculty such as Professor

Steven Baicker-McKee and Professor Jacob Rooksby are just two participants in such interviews, which have provided an intimate look into not only their opinions on the current state of the legal world, but also their true passion for legal education.

The winter issue offers a variety of legal topics that highlight both the ever-changing relationship between law and science, as highlighted in Executive Editor Eric Donato’s piece on SB 150, as well as the many successes that Duquesne Law students have found inside and outside of the classroom.

It is a well-known fact that Duquesne Law has a glowing reputation and strong history with Pittsburgh law firms and businesses. Because of this, the winter issue highlights several articles from Duquesne Law alumni who have been gracious enough to provide us with thought-provoking and practical content, such as alumni George A. Huber and A. Everette James’ extensive look at property tax exemptions for hospitals in Pennsylvania.

As a publication we strive to not only inform our vast alumni base about the happenings surrounding the law school at Duquesne, but also the Pittsburgh legal community. We strongly encourage any reader who has expertise in a particular legal field, or even just a pertinent topic they feel needs to be written about to contact us at Juris. With the help of our strong team of writers, editors, and designers along side you as our readership, we can continue to make this publication stronger.

With that, I would like to extend my warmest appreciation to all student writers, editors, faculty members, and alumni who made this compelling issue possible, and present to you our winter edition of Juris.

Matthew Beddingfield, 3D, is the Editor-in-Chief of Juris. He is also the President of the Duquesne Intellectual Property Law Association. Upon graduation, Matthew will sit for the Virginia Bar Examination and seek employment dealing with intellectual property or media law in the Northern Virginia/D.C. area.

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