Alumni Tips: Networking

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By: Kathleen Charlton, Evening ‘08

Partner at Charlton & Charlton Attorneys at Law

Networking is an integral part of building your career. Regardless of whether you are practicing at a small firm or a large firm, you will be expected to generate clients. I found that the best way to network was simply by joining local organizations that I was interested in. The first place I started with was by joining the local bar association AND attending meetings and events. This is an easy way to meet people and to generate referrals from other attorneys. Also, joining a local charity helps you meet other professionals that may also become a source of referrals and help to get your name out in the community. I have also found that keeping in touch with your classmates is a great way to network, as your classmates may practice in other areas of the law. Taking these simple steps at the beginning of my career has helped me to expand my network of referrals and to bring in new clients.


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