Movember Is Upon Us


by: Phil Luciano, Staff Writer

Those who have ears, let them hear. Those who have bare upper lips, let them be warmed.
As many Duquesne Law students may have noticed, the overall style of our humble law school has dramatically increased in the month of November. Small, subtle works of art have started to sprout on the faces of those who care about the promotion of men’s health. Movember is upon us, my friends.

Movember is the celebration of all things warm, fuzzy and healthy. For the month of November, Bros, with the support of their Mo Sistas, pledge to leave the razor on the vanity, throw caution to the wind and allow the glorious mustache to do the talking. During this month, we are determined to raise money and, most importantly, the collective awareness of health issues affecting men the world over.

We know you have been wondering, “I’ve seen the brave men gracing the corridors of our hallowed institution of higher learning with their unshorn upper lips, but what is the reason behind this overall improvement of my life?”
The answer, dear learned colleague, is simple. Men often overlook their routine checkups and other medical inquires because we are invincible, of course. Our mustachioed colleagues are a reminder that yearly health and wellness checkups offer important preventative protection. With screenings and checkups, prostate cancer, breast cancer and many other conditions can be identified early, and promptly dealt with. Yes, the humble mustache stands vigilant against the evil forces that attack our very health.
Now you ask, “I see your noble goal and your impressive stache, but what can I do to be involved?” There are plenty of ways you can help. If possible, you can grow a mustache. If facial hair is not part of your immediate future, you can purchase one at the table in the upper lounge on Monday or Tuesday, donating online at, or attend the event we are hosting at Coppertops on the South Side this Wednesday, Nov. 21. Great Lakes Brewery has graciously offered to hold a beer tasting and general promotional event to elevate the mustache even higher than its current perch on our upper lips. So, come celebrate with a $3 burger, $3 draft and your mustachioed compatriots.
Down with cancer, up with the mustache!

Any questions can be directed to Phil Luciano at or Ben Trodden at We hope to see you out!

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