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Volume 53.2

A Tribute to Chief Justice Ronald D. Castille
and State Constitutional Law


Tribute to the Honorable Ronald D. Castille
Chief Justice Thomas G. Saylor

Introduction: The Legacy of Chief Justice Ronald D. Castille
Dean Ken Gormley


Chief Justice Ronald Castille, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and State Constitutional Law
Robert F. Williams

Recognition of Environmental Rights for Pennsylvania Citizens: A Tribute to Chief Justice Castille
John C. Dernbach & Marc Prokopchak

Beyond Edmunds: The State Constitutional Legacy of Chief Justice Ronald D. Castille
Bruce Ledewitz

Standing in State Courts, State Law, and Federal Review
Calvin Massey

Foreign Precedent in State Constitutional Interpretation
Johnathan L. Marshfield

Testing the Limits: Judicial Enforcement of Positive State Constitutional Rights
Lawrence Friedman

Human Liberty, Property in Human Beings, and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court
Paul Finkelman

Thirty Years Too Long: Why the Michigan v. Long Presumption Should Be Rejected, and What Can Be Done To Replace It
Lauren Gailey

An Addendum in Light of Recent Developments
Bruce Ledewitz


Unraveling the Uncertainties of the Separation of Powers Between Pennsylvania’s General Assembly and the Judiciary in the Field of Criminal Contempt: The Constitutionality of Pennsylvania’s Criminal Contempt Statues After Commonwealth v. McMullen
Daniel P. Sodroski

Unconstitutional Killing: The Deadly Dilemma Surrounding Oklahoma’s Lethal Injection Secrecy Salute
Martin McKown

The Siren’s Song of a Trickle-Down Bureaucracy: The Transport Rule, The Problem of Air Contamination Crossing State Lines, and the EPA Crossing Its Lines
Emma E. Shoedel