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Volume 53.1

Teaching the Academically Underprepared Law Student


Fourth Colonial Frontier Legal Writing Conference: Teaching the Academically Underprepared Law Student
Jan M. Levine
Kirsha Trychta


Understanding the Tethered Generation: Net Gens Come to Law School
Mary Ann Becker

Changing Gears to Meet the “New Normal” in Legal Education
Courtney G. Lee

Do Med Schools Do it Better? Improving Law School Admissions by Adopting a Medical School Admissions Model
Rebecca C. Flanagan

Are We There Yet? Aligning the Expectations and Realities of Gaining Competency in Legal Writing
Sherri Lee Keene

Of Moby Dick and Tartar Sauce: The Academically Underprepared Law Student and the Curse of Overconfidence
Ruth Vance & Susan Stuart

Eye of the Beholder: How Perception Management Can Counter Stereotype Threat Among Struggling Law Students
Catherine Martin Christopher

Empowering Law Students to Overcome Extreme Public Speaking Anxiety: Why “Just Be It” Works and “Just Do It” Doesn’t
Heidi K. Brown

The Cure for the Distracted Mind: Why Law Schools Should Teach Mindfulness
Shailini Jandial George

Drawing Inspiration from the Flipped Classroom Model: An Integrated Approach to Academic Support for the Academically Underprepared Law Student
Susan D. Landrum


Bankruptcy and Health Insurance Proceeds: Why Health Care Providers Should Not Be Subject to the Automatic Stay Provision
Kenneth N. Schott III