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After submitting an article, how long should I expect to wait for a response?

The Duquesne Law Review takes great care in our selection of superior quality articles and great pride in our relationships with authors. Upon receipt of an article, an Executive Articles Editor will review the submission and decide whether to recommend the article for review to a fellow Executive Articles Editor, or to decline a recommendation. The Executive Articles Editors will then determine whether to recommend the article for review to the Executive Editor and Editor-in-Chief, who will then decide whether to authorize an offer for publication. This process usually occurs 3-5 days after receipt of an article. An offer for publication will be made by an Executive Articles Editor, and if the offer is accepted, all future contact between the author and the Duquesne Law Review will be via an Executive Articles Editor. This is to avoid confusion and to ensure a smooth publication process for both the author and the journal.

How do I subscribe?

Subscription inquiries should be addressed to the Business Editor. Subscriptions will be canceled only after the entire volume for which the subscription has been entered has been printed. Subscriptions will be automatically renewed unless otherwise stipulated. Subscribers should report non-receipt of an issue within six months of its mailing. After six months, replacement issues will not be provided free of charge.

How can I order a back issue?

Back issues are available through William S. Hein Co., Inc., 1285 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14209.

How can I view issues online?

Issues are available on HeinOnline. Note: A subscription to HeinOnline is required to view materials on their website.

I am an evening student or part-time day student. When will I be eligible to grade-on to law review?

Evening students grade-on after completion of their second year of law school. Part-time day students grade-on after completion of their second year of law school. More information on membership can be found on our Students page.

I am currently a member. When will I receive credits for membership?

Information regarding credits for membership is located on our LexisNexis Web Course site. Please log-in to our password protected site for more information.

I am currently a student in law school/professional school. Can I submit an article to the Duquesne Law Review?

The Duquesne Law Review will only consider those articles submitted by legal or academic professionals. Student submissions outside those of our members will not be considered for publication.

How many issues are published a year?

The Law Review publishes two issues comprising one volume.