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About Us

pittsburgh from duquesneOur Mission:

Duquesne Law Review serves the legal community as a forum for the examination, analysis, and criticism of various facets of the law through a commitment to not only inform and influence courts, the bar, and legal scholars, but also to afford law students an opportunity for an integral role in that process, and to do so with the highest professional and ethical standards befitting of a Duquesne law student.

Our Values:

Scholarship — realizing that our primary objective is to add value to the legal field through publishing scholarly works

Membership — recognizing that we are a team and the team is responsible for the outcome

Professionalism — taking pride in our work product

Quality — expecting the highest standards and meeting those standards

Integrity — putting our reputation on the line

Ethics — committing to doing what’s right

Respect — for the law, the legal community, the readers, the authors and our fellow members